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People with Parkinson’s Could Be Helped By CBD

By Dave Murphy   What is Parkinson's disease? Presently there is no cure. Classified as a neurodegenerative disorder of the central sensory system, Parkinson's affects approximately 6 million individuals around the world, 1 million Americans, the vast majority of...

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AUSTRALIA: Parkinson’s sufferer seeking legal cannabis

By: Cannabis Club Australia Though we get to hear about all the legalization of Medical Marijuana around the country, there are still many states where those who desperately need it are denied access due to federal and state laws prohibiting...

Cannabis For Parkinsons

By: Cannabis Club Australia As the video begins with some cool French trance music in the background the topic is about Parkinson's Disease, and we are presented with the intriguing thought of “what cannabis can do for me”. As the viewer is...

Parkinson’s Patient Finds Better Quality of Life with CBD

By: Marc VL David Esparza has had Parkinson’s for approximately thirteen years.  Wary of taking Parkinson’s medication which can come with dangerous side effects.  His neurologist suggested Medical Marijuana.  Not only does the marijuana make...